Life as a Sales Development Representative (SDR)

As graduation day rolls around, every college student is thinking the same thing, I need a job after this. I was no stranger to this feeling when I graduated from High Point University in May of...

Poor Content Management is Keeping Salespeople from Selling

In a post back in July of 2017, Peter Ostrow of Sirius Decisions wrote:

Increase Revenue Alignment to Achieve up to 15% Higher Profitability

It should come as no surprise that one of the major challenges faced by today’s modern marketer is around the alignment of sales, marketing, and the rest of the organization. Getting teams to work...

How Sales Enablement Makes Me a Better Sales Development Representative

A day in the life of an SDR consists of many things but mostly cold calls, emails, prospecting, and learning. I have a certain amount of activities I want to complete each day, and it is not...

Why Your CMO Needs to be Your Chief Collaborator in 2019

So many of us have been pointing to the gap between marketing and sales for years, recognizing that the siloed operation of these teams have worked counter to the goals of the business.  Hubspot...

Buyer Behavior Today: It’s All About the Screens

Today, implementing sales enablement is indispensable because buyers expect their commercial interactions to mirror their day-to-day, personal experiences in today’s digital and mobile...

3 Benefits of Using Mobile Sales Apps in 2019

“Efficiency” may have been the top thing on your mind when you gave your sales team tablets.

Sales Presentations: How Much Control Should Marketing Give?

This blog attempts to answer the thorny question of how much control you should give sales people over the creation of presentation decks – an area fraught with misunderstanding and different...

Why Salespeople Only Use 35% of Marketing Collateral

Marketers spend a ton of time, money, and effort creating digital sales collateral for their sales teams.

How to Spend More Time Closing Deals in 2019

As you are probably aware, a core sales responsibility is providing prospects with compelling information that helps them justify their decision to buy.

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