What is your Earliest Memory of Learning?  

I remember the joy of reading when I was a child.  I read everything from Curious George to the dictionary, from the Hardy Boys to the encyclopedia.  I wanted to learn it all.

Building the Future of Social Learning

Building enterprise workers’ knowledge, skills, and dedication to the business through social learning is a smart way of driving business success.  But creating a system that can deliver a...

7 Ways to Shake Up Your Sales Training

In a recent webinar the audience poll showed that a key sales training challenge was to get reps to complete their training courses. Reps are busy and training is often seen as time-consuming,...

Infographic: The Current State of Sales Training

The numbers don’t lie: sales training, as it is today, is not working.  So what does sales training look like today anyway?

Identifying & sharing best practices increases sale quota attainment

Aberdeen Group, a leading analyst firm, found that sales teams that encouraged the use of best practices, including training, doubled their participation rate. Sales rep quota attainment was 82%...

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